World War 1 to World War 2


What Caused World War Two?

What could cause the deadliest war to date? What explanation is there as to why the world would go to war? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer; it was a complex combination of previous disputes and recent pressures that led to the catastrophic war. At a first glance people may point to Germany's invasion of Poland as the cause for the start of World World Two, but truthfully it was an accumulation of  the harsh reparations forced upon Germany, the Great Depression, and Hitler's hunger for world domination that sparked a war that would leave millions dead. 


  1. Germany was forced to make reparations to Allies
  2. Germany was coerced into losing lands and restricting the size of their army
  3. Countries were in enormous debt from WWI
  4. Unemployment rates were at the highest in history
  5. Nations like Germany , Japan, and Italy wanted raw materials to better their economy
  6. Britian and France were in enormous debt 


  1. Germans detest the allies
  2. Germans crave their former grandeur
  3. Their was greater international tension among nations
  4. Germans and Italians were willing to accept dictatorial leadership
  5. These nations attacked and annexed foreign lands to their empire
  6. They could not rebuild their armies in time to stop German aggression
Having all their funds drained, and being in great debt, ally nations couldn't fund their armies to stop Hitler

WWII in Essence 

WWII was an accumulation of previous disagreements from WWI, the brawl between Communism and Fascism, and the Treaty of Versailles' lack to satisfy. WWII was further augmented in intensity by modern weapons, and the war failed to be avoided due to the weakness of the League of Nations.